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HCC's Information Manager is a user-friendly access and report-generation tool, bringing critical database information to non-technical users. Simple report-building functions give you the independence of 24/7 access to the data you need. Using a one-step query panel, users can build reports comparing budgeted costs to actual expenses using real-time information from the integrated repository of patient encounter, cost, and reimbursement data. Access to pertinent data leads to effective, organization-wide decision making.

A Microsoft-Office style interface and multiple "wizards" make Information Manager an extremely easy-to-use application. A collection of report templates is available, along with a variety of charts, colors, fonts, and styles so you can display your reports your way. Share your reports with other devices and users as you see fit.

Information Manager:

  • Improves decision-making through access to performance and profitability information

  • Reduces time to complete ad hoc analyses

  • Empowers management staff

  • Expands your facility’s strategic analysis capabilities

  • Offers single interface for query, reporting and analysis

  • Allows you to define your own business terms

  • Creates reports easily with drag-and-drop functionality

  • Gives you access to reports through web, windows, or mobile devices

  • Allows you to send your custom reports to other devices and users

Information Manager is based on Business Objects,® a premier data access and reporting tool providing a flexible and timely way to use a web browser to extract and view data. HCC is a partner with BusinessObjects. Visit BusinessObjects on the web at

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