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Understanding the cost of providing patient services and procedures is essential to the financial management of a healthcare organization. HCC’s Cost Accounting Manager gives the user access to both actual and standard costs at the charge item level, providing the building blocks of cost information that can be assembled to analyze cost by procedure, department, program, product line, payer, physician, and patient.

Cost Accounting Manager allows users to choose the levels of detail appropriate for each department with virtually no restriction on how the components of cost are defined or which costs are fixed, variable, or semi-variable. Similarly, the overhead allocation process can be structured to meet the user’s needs for simplicity or complexity. Cost Accounting Manager offers online views and management reports including actual-to-standard cost variance, highest/lowest gross margin charges and typical audit reports.

Cost Accounting Manager

  • Provides flexible costing options including RCC (ratio of cost to charges), RVU (relative value unit), activity based measured value or a hybrid of multiple methods.

  • Performs multiple iteration "stepdown" process of indirect department costs with both fixed and variable cost components.

  • Supports reclasses of general ledger to accurately match costs to revenues.

  • Accommodates actual-to-standard variances by element, component, charge item and department.

  • Supports "80/20" approach to RVU and standards development.

  • Uses default cost capture methods to prevent accidental exclusion of expenses.

  • Features unlimited cost component definitions for maximum flexibility.

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