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HCC’s Best Practice Manager helps healthcare organizations assess the quality of patient care and the efficiency of its delivery by measuring clinical performance and evaluating the financial impact of clinical decisions. Once best practice patterns have been identified, they can be implemented systematically to support continuous quality improvement. Best Practice Manager allows users to set up criteria that define patient encounters into groups or "populations." These criteria can be based on any combination of data elements, such as DRG, procedure codes, diagnosis codes, length of stay, patient type, patient age, sex, contract service and doctor. Users may use historical data to create objective, charge item level, profiles of care for a selected population and monitor utilization against expected profiles of care for services by day of stay. Best Practice Manager has processes and reports that will assist in analyzing exceptions and expected values for length of stay, day of services, cost, and resource consumption over different time periods.

Best Practice Manager:

  • Defines and stores populations of patients for analysis, comparison and trending of financial indices, demographics and utilization.

  • Allows development of expected amounts of charge items/activities for a population.

  • Measures expected activities against actual activities by day of stay.

  • Features extensive online reporting and drill down capabilities to investigate population characteristics by payer, doctor, or other grouping.

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